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     Channah Zeitung was awarded the Global Child Prodigy award for Sports/Martial Arts on Jan 3, 2020 by Noble Peace Laureate Kilash Ssthyarthi in New Delhi. Recently she was highlighted by She-Rh. She was featured on NBC’s LITTLE BIG SHOTS that aired Sunday April 29, 2018. She made her acting debut on NICK’s GAME SHAKERS that aired Feb 19, 2018, and was guest star on WONDERAMA October 27,2018.
Channah Zeitung on the set of LITTLE BIG SHOTS before the live performance. She is a 3nd Degree Black Belt and Channah is a 11 time World Champion in Taekwondo martial arts (Creative Forms, 2 Creative Weapons, Extreme Forms, 3 Extreme Weapons, 2 Traditional Weapons and 2 Demo Team), under the direction of Church's Channah Zeitung with her Bo Staff.Martial Arts, she won her Championships in July 9-12, 2019, July 2018 and June, 2017 at the World Expo in Little Rock, AK. She is credited as being the youngest 3 time California State Champion in Martial Arts (ATA) ever at age 4 under the direction of her coach Master Patricia Church (Church's Martial Arts in San Diego, CA). She made her television debut on ABC's “Katie Show” as one of Katie Wonder Kids (aired March 1, 2013). March 1, 2014, Channah became a 1st Degree Black Belt (at Church's Martial Arts). She is a 10 time District Champion and a 6 times Pan American Champion in ATA Taekwondo (Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, Creative Forms, Creative Weapon and XMA Weapons) won in Uruguay September 2016 in the 8 and under rings. June of 2017 is when Channah won 4 World Championships (Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Extreme Weapons and Traditional Weapons) at ATA World. She became a 2nd Degree Black in June 2017 under Chief Master Ken Church at Church's Martial Arts. Channah was selected to be an ATA Brand Ambassador for 2018 and 2019 a prestigious titled representing ATA as a role model.
     Channah promoted Anti-Bullying making several appearances at schools, County Fairs and events in California and Arizona under the name of "Child Prodigy" and "Wish Warriors". In 2013 she was chosen to be the poster kid for WISHING FOR MOMMY. Channah spearheaded the Pink Belt Campaign to raise money so kids with mothers that have Breast Cancer would be able to treat their Mother. She traveled America as well as Indonesia and Australia to promote the Pink Belt Campaign and Leadership.
     Recently Channah was featured in ATA's Iridescent Jahng Bong promotional Jahn Bong (Bo Staff) video. Her video showing her training video (Little ninja!! Channah Zeitung) just prior to the World Championships went instant viral, and "Wesley Snipes reposted with this comment: “Train them young she is a force to be reckoned with!” YouTube has now declared her video viral.
     Channah began her journey in martial arts when she was just a little over two years old at Church's Martial Channah Zeitung dong a front kick. She is a 4 time ATA World Champion Martial Artist.Arts under Master Patricia Church and Chief Master Ken Church, Jose Aguilar (he taught her the Bo Staff) and later Jackson Rudolph (#1 Bo World Champion guided her). Master Patricia Church is personally responsible for who Channah has become in martial arts (18x World Champion). She has had a team of coaches along the journey;Alexa Marie-Bailey Rodrigues (14x World Champion), and Caitlin Dechelle (the #1 female World Champion- know for being double/stunts for Wonder Woman).
     Channah lives with her parents (father, Dr. Jeffery Zeitung, is the head of the department of Urologist/Surgeon at Scripps in California, her mother, Gloria, is a publicist) her Sister Naomi ( a year younger) and little brother Peter (3 years younger) in San Diego. She is in the sixth grade. She has three dogs (Georgia, Sushi and Coco), one Bangle Cats ( Blonde), a domestic cat (Angie), and three hamster.
FYI: Channah received a Karate Black Belt March 1, 2014 (at age 5) and her ATA Black Belt June 21, 2014 (age 6) at Church's Martial Arts, her 2nd Degree Black Belt got June 2017, her 3rd Degree Black Belt November 9th, 2019. She won her state championships as a Purple Belt. As a 1stDegree Black Belt (age 8).

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