Channah Zeitung was awarded the Global Child Prodigy award for Sports/Martial Arts on Jan 3, 2020 by Noble Peace Laureate Kilash Ssthyarthi in New Delhi. Access Daily recently highlighted Channah by Mario Lopez (1/5/21). She-Ra did an episode centered around her. She was on NBC TV's LITTLE Channah ZeitungBIG SHOTS (season 3, April 29, 2018), later was chosen to appear on their special which aired December 12, 2018 on NBC (LITTLE BIG SHOTS HOLIDAY SPECIAL). She made her acting debut on Nickelodeon's GAME SHAKERS that aired Feb. 19, 2018 (now airing in France), and guest starred on WONDERAMA aired October 27,2018. She made her television debut on ABC's KATIE SHOW as one of Katie Wonder Kids (aired March 1, 2013).
     Channah is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and a 15 time World Champion in Taekwondo martial arts (Creative Forms, 2 Creative Weapons, Extreme Forms, 3 Extreme Weapons, 2 Traditional Weapons and 2 Demo Team), under the direction of Church's Martial Arts, she won her Championships in July 9-12, 2019, July Channah Zeitung and BoStaff2018 and June, 2017 at the World Expo in Little Rock, AK. Channah is also a 6 time Pan American Champion (winning in Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Sparring and XMA Weapons) which she won in Uruguay September, 2016. Her video her training for World Championships (June 2017) went viral with millions of views (see below). Channah was selected to be an ATA Brand Ambassador in 2018 to present, a prestigious titled representing ATA as a role model.
     During this pandemic Channah has utilized her skills as a martial artist training the Tiny Tigers (ages 3 to 8) on Zoom and has been very public about wearing a mask.  Her mask videos have been featured on television news as well as Social Media.
Channah was honored by the Olympic for being at the top of her game.

Access Daily- host Mario Lopez with Channah Zeitung from Channah on Vimeo.


     Martial Arts CHAMP Channah Zeitung | PRINCESS ALLIANCE: POWERFUL KIDS

   LITTLE BIG SHOTS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL NBC - Channah singing  12/12/18

   WONDERAMA with Channah 10/27/18


    LITTLE BIG SHOTS AUSTRALIA 8/26/18 CH7 network

Jellyfish Promo featuring Channah

   Crazy Karate Battle! Game Shakers episode 301 from Channah on Vimeo. Debut as guest star that aired on Nickelodeon aired Feb. 18, 2018 -


Dec 9, 2017 - top 25 Viral Videos on YouTube


People Are Awesome viral video (original - 6/21/2017)

posted December 5, 2017  

   KATIE SHOW - CHANNAH SEGMENT 3-1-13 from Channah on Vimeo.

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